Introduction: Since the first appearance of the article by Haas (1975 [reprinted in IJOM:3(4),1977]), the present writer has been filled with an abiding desire to make an appropriate response. It became quickly apparent that this is no easy task. Since this article which claims to be "rational" is in reality, I feel, quite irrational, it becomes difficult to exercise self-control and remain objective, lucid, and reasonably nonagressive in a line-by-line analysis.

There are several reasons for the present effort: (1) the passage of time seems not to dim the inflamatory (sic) influence of this pronouncement, so that further delay would seem futile; (2) copies and reprints continue to be received in my office, heavily punctuated with exclamation points, question marks, underlining and expletives, all requesting some rebuttal but not supplying any; (3) this article typifies some of the recent literature concerning oral myofunctional concepts which are negative in nature, filled with distortions, half-truths, and untruths, yet are eliciting no challenge or refutation from those more knowledeable (sic) in the field. Positive published comment is overdue.