Objective: evaluate the possible correlation with the radiographic position of the hyoid bone and mandibular angle in lateral radiographs of children with atypical deglutition. Study design: This was an observational study using cephalometric analysis of lateral teleradiographs for the distances of H-MP (hyoid to mandibular plane). Spearman’s correlation analysis was performed with MA (mandibular angle) in two groups: the experimental group with atypical deglutition and the control group normal deglutition. Both groups included subjects in mixed dentition stage. Results: there was a significant moderate negative correlation between MA (mandibular angle) and hyoid bone (H-MP) in the normal group (R = −0.406, p = 0.021). However, there was no significant correlation between the MA and H-MP (R = 0.029, p = 0.83) in the group with atypical deglutition. Conclusion: there is a moderate negative correlation between the position of the hyoid bone and mandibular angle in the group of normal swallowing and there is no correlation between variables H-MP and MA in the group of atypical swallowing.


Stomatognathic system, Hyoid bone, Mandible, Deglutition, Mandibular plane