The MBGR Protocol with scores was first published in 2009. This protocol was widely administered by speech-language pathologists experienced in orofacial myology in different states from Brazil for four months. From the comments and suggestions of these professionals, the protocol was reviewed and modified. A consistent visual training materials program was prepared, and speech-language pathologists, experienced in orofacial myology from different states of Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia were trained with the provided materials. These speech-language pathologists administered the protocol for two years. From the data collected by the speech-language pathologists, modifications were made, and a final version was designed. This final version was administered for two-months by the same speech-language pathologists from Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia in order to re-test the final version of MBGR protocol. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the protocol to assess orofacial myofunctional alterations. The final version of the MBGR protocol with scores has proven to be efficient and effective in the identification of individuals experiencing orofacial myofunctional disorders.


Protocol, validity, validation study, test reproducibility, orofacial myology