An experimental protocol model for frenulum evaluation was first designed, and administered to ten infants in 2010. After obtaining the data and statistical analysis, the protocol was re-designed and administered to 100 infants. The aim of this study is to present an efficient and effective lingual frenulum protocol with scores for infants. From the experimental protocol model, a new protocol was designed. One speech-language pathologist, and specialist in orofacial myology, administered the new protocol to 100 full-term infants. All steps of the protocol were recorded and photographed. The data collected was sent to two specialists in the area, who evaluated the cases based on the recordings and photographs. The data from the three evaluations were compared. A two-part protocol was designed to evaluate the lingual frenulum in infants. The first part consists of clinical history with specific questions about family history and breastfeeding. The second part consists of clinical examination: anatomo-functional, non-nutritive and nutritive sucking evaluations. A new lingual frenulum protocol with scores for infants was designed, and has proved to be an effective tool for health professionals to assess and diagnose anatomical alterations of the lingual frenulum, and its possible interference with breastfeeding.


Evaluation, protocol, lingual frenulum, breastfeeding, sucking, infants