Volume 40, Number 1 (2014)

Editor's Corner

This is the 40th issue of the International Journal of Orofacial Myology (IJOM). Christine Mills provides historical information about IJOM, the premise on which it was started, and future perspectives. Of interest is that the name was originally the International Journal of Oral Myology. The name was changed in 1980 to the International Journal of Orofacial Myology. Reflections on the past help us to understand the role IJOM has paid in our professional development, and the individuals who moved us forward.

Articles in this 40th issue include many areas orofacial myologists encounter in the provision of services. In addition, background information is included which is important for the overall knowledge needed by orofacial myologists in assessment and treatment. As an international organization, we try to represent orofacial myology from a broad international perspective. Articles from authors in countries outside the USA help us to meet this goal. I hope that you enjoy the information contained in this 40th issue.

Patricia Taylor, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, COM

Research Articles


The masticatory system of the obese: Clinical and electromyographic evaluation
Adriana Bueno de Figueiredo, Alfredo Halpern, Marcio Correia Mancini, and Cintia Cercato


Maximum protrusive tongue force in healthy young adults
Monalise Costa Batista Berbert, Vivian Garro Brito, Renata Maria Moreira Moraes Furlan, Tatiana Vargas De Castro Perilo, Amanda Freitas Valentim, Marcio Falcao Santos Barroso, and Estevam Barbosa De Las Casas

Review Articles


A review of electrical stimulation and its effect on lingual, labial and buccal muscle strength
Mohammed Safi, Wilhelmia Wright-Harp, Jay R. Lucker, Joan C. Payne, and O Harris


The essential role of the COM in the management of sleep-disordered breathing: A literature review and discussion
Lorraine Frey, Shari Green, Paula Fabbie, Dana Hockenbury, Marge Foran, and Kathleen Elder

Editors (2014)

Patricia Taylor, M.Ed.
Associate Editors for Peer Review

Ashish Aggarwal, MDS
Angela DiKengil, MS
Robert Grider, MA
Monique Kaye, MS
Dianne Lazer, MA
Jayanti Ray, PhD
Hope Reed, SLPD
Elizabeth Roberts, PhD
Nancy Pearl Solomon, PhD
Dana Surena-Mattson, MA
Samantha Taylor, BSN