Purpose: Since the advent of COVID-19, online services within most healthcare fields have become ubiquitous. This article investigates the research regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of delivering online services and provides a tutorial of ideas and information to successfully implement online orofacial myofunctional therapy. Method: This article is a compilation of evidence-based results on the topic of online service delivery and perspectives and experiences shared by three service delivery providers. Results: It is possible to compensate for the interactive differences between in-person and online myofunctional therapy. It is believed that online therapeutic services are an efficient and effective mode of service delivery. Discussion: Although online service delivery is not new, the current world-wide pandemic has brought telehealth to the forefront. In a time of increased demand for distance treatment, the orofacial myologist must rapidly develop competency and comfort within the new assessment and treatment online paradigm. It is positive to know that research to date indicates that clients within associated fields benefit from the accessibility, ease, and convenience of online service delivery. This article summarizes legal considerations, technology, treatment preparation, client motivation, and the implementation of online therapy.


Orofacial myology, telepractice, virtual health, online service delivery, service provider, ehelper, online therapy strategies

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