Objective: This project aimed to develop and update a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) graphic video learning object demonstrating a current knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of sucking and swallowing in newborns during breastfeeding.

Method: To build and update the 3D computer graphics iconographies of the "Virtual Baby," we defined objectives for the learning object, created a literature review-based script, and organized a guide for structural (static) and functional (dynamic) graphical modeling for the designer.

Results: Using 3D computer graphics, we produced a video with static images (anatomical structural) and dynamic sequences (most significant physiological and functional aspects and application of transparency to visualize the anatomical correlations between both). The video showed the anatomy and physiology of sucking and swallowing during breastfeeding. Its updates reflected additional scientific evidence as studies were published.

Conclusion: Creation of the Virtual Baby provides a learning tool for visualizing the anatomy and physiology of sucking and swallowing in full-term newborns. The tool addresses the significant morphofunctional aspects of the breastfeeding process, supported by scientific literature, and can be used for student or professional training and in primary health care.


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breastfeeding, computerized model, swallowing, anatomy, physiology, infant

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Virtual Baby Video Demo