Volume 50, Number 2
Special Issue: Contemporary Approaches to Collaborative Management in Ankylofrenula

Editor's Introduction

This Special Issue will highlight contemporary approaches to collaborative management of ankylofrenula and tethered oral tissues (TOTs). The aim is to disseminate scholarly papers addressing the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of TOTs, including innovative and collaborative approaches to improve health in individuals with restrictive ankylofrenula. The special issue will appeal to healthcare researchers and clinicians to bring together new research on the management of TOTs from the perspective of interdisciplinary management, and welcomes papers from lactation, bodywork, pediatrics, airway dentistry, otolaryngology, and speech-language pathology.

Clinical Perspective

Conference Proceeding


Proceedings of the 2024 ICAP Convention
International Association of Orofacial Myology


Nancy Pearl Solomon, PhD, CCC-SLP
Guest Editors
Sharon Smart, SLP, PhD
Raymond J. Tseng, DDS, PhD